About Us

Spartan Martial Arts is Ireland’s premier Kickboxing Academy. It is lead by Ireland’s leading Kickboxing instructor Robbie Mc Menamy, Irish National Champion (2002-Present), W.A.K.O. World Champion and member of Top Ten Team Europe.

The club has very dedicated members, some of which have been training with Robbie since the very beginning. There is great teamwork between all members who maintain a consistent effort in helping each other improve their skills.

In the club’s relatively short existance, it has produced many of Ireland’s best junior and senior fighters at both national and international level.

Spartan Martial Arts often holds fight nights that provide the opportunity for competitors to showcase their skills against some of the greatest fighters from all around the world.

We also encourage and arrange for our fighters to compete abroad. This not only expands the skillset of our fighters, but gives the opportunity for members to travel, have fun and see a little more of the world.

Whether your looking for fun, fitness or aim to become a competition winner, Spartan Martial Arts is the place to train.