Kickboxing Irish Open 2014 (28th February 2014 – 3rd March 2014)


Europe’s largest Martial Arts Tournament The Irish Open has evolved into the #1 Tournament in Europe, nothing compares to the energy and excitement and enthusiasm which the fighters get from this truly amazing event, it is a spectacle to behold and unique in its energy and vitality and definitely not to be missed or experienced in your Martial Arts career.

The Irish Open is we believe unique, it is because its focus is on the competitor and coach, we are there to help you, we are there to make things better for our sport. We continue to try and make thing better and are consistently looking at improving things. Nobody associated with or to the Irish Open is paid, we are all volunteers, this makes us different to any other tournament in the world today, All profits from the Irish Open are donated to the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, absolutely nobody gets paid. In fact this year we where acknowledged for raising over €100,000.00 Euros for The Irish Society for the protection of Children.

Added Divisions
This year we have added a Junior Division for under 19 years of age, brining more opportunity to our future fighters, we believe this will promote greater participation from this age group. We have also now included Traditional Kata in our lineup, again following requests and in recognition of the wonderful nature and skill required in this area.

Registration opens on 6th January at Open the registration and weight control times have changed from last year. The primary reason for doing this is to improve the coaches and fighters experience. By doing this we will start on time and fighting order and draw sheets will be available first thing in the morning each day. This will lead to less confusion and greater efficiency. The online registration goes live on the 6th January and you can click the link below to go straight to our registration page. Please remember online registration will be taken down on 24th February at 9pm. No late registrations can be handled after this date/time as this is all an online system.

The Irish Open will be the first WAKO tournament which will apply the new WAKO ruling system, therefore it is imperative that all referees attend the referee seminar being taken by Brain Beck/Damien Gormley for Semi Contact/Light Contact/Musical Forms and Des Leonard for Full Contact. This seminar takes place in City West Hotel at 4pm and will finish at 6.30pm. If you or your officials want to participate in the World Combat Games, then The Irish Open is one of four events where they can qualify and be accessed. The primary focus will be around reviewing and understanding the changes. This course is free of charge and one of only three WAKO recognized International referee courses which qualify people for refereeing in this year


Kickboxing Irish Open 2014
Dates: 28th February 2014 – 3rd March 2014
Venue: Citywest Hotel & Convention Centre, Saggart, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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